Our programs

The Agro Woman initiative was established in the middle of 2023. We currently focus on the launch of the two initial programmes:

  • Conferences and expert meetings to promote and exchange knowledge between the different actors in the agri-food sector on challenges in agriculture, with a particular focus on the role of women. In December 2023, we have planned the first conference on the topic of the psychological wellbeing of female farmers, which is the response to the issues and challenges identified under the social pillar. In addition, meetings of the Agro Woman Programme Board are held several times a year, where we discuss a selected issue with external experts.
  • The mentoring programme aimed at supporting entrepreneurial women in the food production sector to face challenges of running a business. Participation in the programme is expected to result in the definition of an individual development path or the realisation of an alternative goal chosen jointly in agreement between a mentor and a mentee. The programme is aimed at women living and running a business in the agricultural sector related to food production (cultivation, breeding, processing). The programme responds to the challenges of the economic pillar.